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Submit a review of your host agency and receive a complimentary E-Book copy of 365 Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents. Simply complete a review, send an email letting us know you have submitted one to findahosttravelagency at gmail.com (format like an email) and the book will be emailed to you shortly thereafter. Thanks for your support!


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  • I have only started and the knowledge is overwhelming but if I follow directions I am right on track and developing very well. Loving everything. I have been a customer service ...

  • After doing the 9-5 for many years, I decided to work from home. Thank goodness for me that I came across Incentive Connection Travels' ad on the back of a Travel Trade magazine. I made a ...

  • I've only been with them a short time, but I can tell you already that they are AWESOME. I spent literally months researching different host agencies. Several others I almost signed up ...

  • I worked with another host agency before I moved over to TPI; it was the best decision I made. The support team is top notch. They receive top commissions and offer a great relationship ...

  • What first interested me in Avoya was the Live Leads Program. When I began thinking about starting a travel agency the biggest concern was, “how am I going to find clients”. Booking ...

  • Very supportive...lots going on. Lots of training. Response time for questions etc is very very good.

  • I joined Montrose after being in the travel industry for 2 years - first year with a brick & mortar agency and second year with another host. I have stayed with Montrose now going into my ...

  • Good initial training, and on going support from Head Office, commissions paid on time.